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NEW 2022 Honwave T32-IE3

Price: £1,250

HP:up to 15hp
Hours: n/a
Trailer: No

Main description:

Light and fast, these inflatables are packed with comfort and performance features. Their deep-V hull design significantly optimises keel performance and ensures maximum stability.
The Honwave T32-IE3 Air V-floor inflatable has a carrying capacity of up to 4 persons and an engine rating of up to 15hp. The bare boat weighs in at only 39kg and packs down to 115cm x 65cm x 38cm.
Package includes: T32-IE3 with Pump, Carry Bag, Repair Kit, Manometer, Tie Rope and Seat
Boat & Engine Packages:
T32-IE3 boat only £1,200
T32-IE3 plus BF2.3 SCHU short leg 4-stroke engine.£2,010.00
T32-IE3 plus BF4 SHNU short leg 4-stroke engine. £2,400.00
T32-IE3 plus BF5 SHNU short leg 4-stroke engine. £2,510.00
T32-IE3 plus BF6 SHNU short leg 4-stroke engine. £2,620.00
T32-IE3 plus BF8 SHU short leg 4-stroke engine. £3,580.00
T32-IE3 plus BF10 SHU short leg 4-stroke engine. £3,650.00
T32-IE3 plus BF15 SHU short leg 4-stroke engine. £4,000.00


Type: T32-IE3
Overall Length: 320.0 cm
Overall Beam: 154.0 cm
Inner Length: 229.0 cm
Inner Beam: 67.0 cm
Tube Diameter: 42.5 cm
Packing Size: 115 x 65 x 38 cm
Net Weight: 39 kg
Max Engine Power: 15 hp
Passenger Capacity: (Adult/Child) 4/-
Loaded Weight: 735 kg
Chambers: 3 + Floor (2)
Floor: Air V-Floor
Category: C

from 1 November 2021

from 1 October 2021
REMEMBER: We take boats in part exchange to any value. Best prices paid.

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NEW Honwave T32-IE3 inflatable

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